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Streamline your sales, operations, finance and HR with a custom-built solution.

Have information accessible everywhere you go.

Fed up with paper and spreadsheets?

Thousands of man-hours are wasted on unnecessary communications and inefficient updating of data across forms, emails, documents and spreadsheets due to unexpected mistakes and changes.

Too many disconnected systems?

You probably have an accounting software while everything else is stored on spreadsheets or systems that do not talk to each other. Truth is, you need an all-in-one system to streamline your sales, human resources, finances, operations and more.

We help businesses  go digital differently

What sets us apart is our ability to help businesses work better and faster by building custom solutions that are integrated, cost-effective and easy-to-use on an award-winning platform used by over 250,000 people all over the world.

Everything you need and more in one platform.

Featured Project Types

Workflow and Process Management

We help you spend more time generating revenue and less time on business processes.

  • Create Project Budgets and Proposals with support for change management and approval process.
  • Support item ordering, tracking and receiving including issue management (damage, incorrect or missing items.)
  • Streamline multi-stage project queueing and completion date estimation in a changing environment.
  • Manage installation and sign-off process.
  • Automatic document generation (PO’s, Proposals, Certificates…)

Business Analytics Platform

We take messy data and turn it into insights that allow you to maximize your business profitability.

  • Track profitability and cashflow for projects over time.
  • Tracking account profitability by source or type.
  • Tracking employee effectiveness across their portfolio of accounts.
  • Tracking account value over time.
  • Tracking business division progress against profitability goals.
  • Provide project analysis: budget vs. cost.

Take control of your business with a custom-built solution today.

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Projects We’ve Delivered

The types of projects we do are as varied as the many businesses we help.

  • Vendor Accountability
  • Schedule Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Automatic Document Generation
  • Collating Data from Disparate Sources

Our Process

We follow a thorough, 5-step process to deliver excellent results to each of our customers.

1. Discover
2. Design
3. Develop
4. Delivery
5. Support

Some of our Customers

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