K. M. Boofer

Our work with Dennis and Bridget has been amazing.  We are a commercial interior design firm and are currently using the system for our procurement phase of each project.  There are a lot of complexities to how our purchases link together.  For us it’s not as simple as just ordering furniture pieces and tracking. 

Most of our items are custom so we have to order fabric, then the fabric is shipped to a treatment facility, and then shipped to a manufacturer.  This can require a lot of breakdown in calculations and knowing what items need to be on what purchase order.  As a result I was a little timid in trusting someone to build a database I could trust.  I can’t express what a success this has been though and how much smoother my job runs on a daily basis.

The process was a lot of teaching/explaining to Bridget how I did my job and her team building exactly what we needed.  Dennis is such an asset to customizing the data the way I need to view it.  The further I get into the projects we have in the system, the more aspects of the program I use.  Any time I come across something I either don’t understand or realize I need to change a little, the team is amazing in meeting our needs.

If you have any other questions or would like to talk, feel free to reach out.